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For Hurdy-Gurdy, UGEARS inspired developers of medieval designs. They have been supplemented with technical achievements of the 21st century and thus UGEARS team has developed a unique musical instrument that is also a 3D designer. Made entirely of wood (except of course, strings), a unique design of the model was developed. His ornate body is made in a romantic style. As with all other UGEARS models, you don't need any glue or additional tools to assemble the Hurdy-Gurdy. Simply sit comfortably on the table at home and relax while doing handicrafts.

The musical instrument contains all the elements of the medieval prototype, so the Hurdy-Gurdy model consists of the body, the front and rear decks, gears, the lever (crank), the ????? with wooden wheels, fingerboard, pegs, the melody and drone strings, the keyboard. All of these parts create a single musical instrument that can play everything from lyrical melodies and classical to modern rock'n'roll.

Model Hurdy-Gurdy has a unique design. All technical elements and individual parts are combined here, which transforms the music game into an exciting game and brings great joy. It is easy to play: simply turn the lever with one hand to set the rhythm and press the keys with the other hand that denote the notes. In the instructions there are the tabs for playing music. The reaction mechanism was used in the vortex for a soft sound. It is also built into the handle.

When you turn the handle, the mechanism starts to move. And you can watch the rotation of all the gears hidden inside. The set also includes the strings, the rosin to rub wheels in, and the wax to rub gears and other moving parts. UGEARS plans to create a bookmark on the ugearsmodels.com website by October, where you will find lessons on the hurdy gurdy. You can also get the recommendations for string adjustment and the tablature for different melodies.

Number of components: 292
Construction time: approx. 4-5 hours


Model kit contains small parts
Not suitable for children under 14 years
Protect from moisture

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