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We have always dreamed of creating a unique mechanical city. The city on the river should be open to all religions or ideas. City of musicians, artists and inventors, masters and warriors. The freest city in the world. The city where you can fall in love, work, create new projects and technologies and have fun.

In front of you is a new UGEARS ?Tram Line? mechanical model. It is the first model from the new ?Mechanical City? series.

The ?Tram Line? model consists of 14 elements that are produced on a uniform scale. On the one hand, it is very amusing to assemble all parts, on the other hand, an assembled model acquires interesting mechanical properties and a unique design. The tram has moving mechanical components that are only made of wood. It is a whole new mechanical world that can be expanded and supplemented with other models.

Main characters of the ?Tram Line? model:

Tram has a scissor pantograph on the roof, rubber motor, visible gears and drives. Like a real tram, it also has doors that can be opened and closed. The tram is pulled up and moves up after the pantograph is lifted. One time to open the rubber motor and the tram drives on the rails to the depot, where a special tongue stops them. With a lever you can turn the rails by 180 degrees, so that the tram leaves the depot again. Without electronics, this model works solely by gravity, gears and rubber band
Stop with ticket counter on the platform, clocks, bench and small stairs that can be attached to any place on the platform
Tram depot, here the tram drives in and takes breaks. Depot is equipped with a turntable so that the tram can be turned 180 degrees. There is a special tongue on the rails of the turntable. In the closed position it stops the tram. If you open the tongue after the rotation, the tram will return if the rubber motor still has an elevator
Arch bridge - pedestrian crossing - arches with a bridge and side stairs. The bridge is spanned over the tram rails. They can also be placed at the intersection so that cars can drive through the arches
straight rails with connections and a contact rail between them
curved rails with connections and a contact rail between them
Gentleman (millionaire, industrialist, patron, celebrity or hero of your own story)
Young inventor (spy, secret agent ... your variant in your own story)
charming stranger with a dog or just a beautiful woman in your own story
Ice cream vendor hiding under the umbrella or another charming woman in your own story
Sheriff on horseback or a charismatic cowboy in your own story
factory workers

Model UGEARS "Tram Line" is assembled at the table without adhesives, special tools and also without ... toothpicks.
Number of components: 284
Construction time: approx. 5 hours Notes:

Model kit contains small parts
Not suitable for children under 14 years
Protect from moisture

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