Rommel?s Mammoth 735 Pcs

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ACV Dorchester is a large British armoured command vehicle. It was produced in the years 1941-1943. The cars quickly became popular with the officers. Because of the spaciousness of the interior they were affectionately called Dorchester. This is the name of a well-known London hotel. The Germans captured three cars of this type in North Africa and called them mammoth. The functionality of the vehicle was appreciated by Erwin Rommel himself, who used captured cars during the operation in North Africa. A mobile staff equipped with communication devices proved to be a valuable asset. Use the COBI building blocks to build a mammoth - a powerful command vehicle from General Erwin Rommel. Up to 735 high-quality components guarantee long and exciting building fun. Pimpled brick experts will appreciate the building techniques used. Unusual building blocks, opening doors, a removable roof, a mapped interior of the mobile personnel, rotating wheels and many details make this model unique in the COBI Afrika Korps collection! High quality prints imitate the painting of the vehicle in DAK colours (German Afrika Korps) and imitate the details of the equipment and interior of the vehicle. Prints are very durable and do not wear out even when played intensively. The set contains three unique figures that are a real treat for collectors. The figure of General Erwin Rommel is covered with detailed prints. A uniform, decorated with an officer's cap and facial features. The general's hand has a new binocular pattern. Another figure is a German soldier in tropical uniform. He has a scarf and detachable rubber glasses on his face. It is armed with a machine pistol MP 40. The new figure of a German paramedic had a very interesting print on his upper body and a characteristic white helmet with a red cross on the top. In his hand the figure holds a stretcher with which wounded can be transported. ACV Dorchester or Mamut is an ideal element for building scenes and historical dioramas. British command vehicles were found in Africa and on the southern front. They were also equipped by the Polish armed forces in the West. Three intercepted copies were used by Germans in North Africa. Mammut is also a perfect addition to the COBI Strategic Battle Game session. The tutorial includes the visualization of playing cards with vehicle statistics.

  • 740 building blocks
  • Made in EU
  • 3 figures included
  • No stickers, all print!
  • Compatible with other leading brands of building blocks.
  • Dimensions: 230 x 100 x 150 mm
  • from 7 years

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