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Hexapod Explorer - the mechanical spiderbot from UGEARS Your cat will love / hate us for that! Are you ready for the coolest crawler on the model market? We present the Ugears Hexapod Explorer: partly insect, partly robot, partly extraterrestrial exploration vehicle. With the help of a powerful spring drive, the Hexapod Explorer can cover up to 3 meters on its own feet without the need for an auxiliary or support wheel like other models. The ability to carry its own weight on its feet alone enables the Hexapod Explorer to move on slightly uneven terrain, just like a rover getting off the spaceship on another planet to explore new worlds. Another amazing feature that makes the Hexapod Explorer so unique is its speed control. You can make your Robobug crawl, crawl, or fidget at the speed you want! When the hexapod stops, pick it up and watch its legs come alive and kick around, just like real insects, crabs, or spiders. This is the stuff nightmares are made of, or the dream of a mechanics-loving model builder, depending on your perspective!


This DIY hexapod explorer takes its place as the Walker Champion in the stunning Ugears family of mechanoids, robots, 3D puzzles, and mechanical wonders made of wood. We have created a purely mechanical walking robot made of wood, without any electronic components! At Ugears, we believe that design should literally be elegant - simple, smart and beautiful to look at. As Theo Jansen put it: “The walls between art and technology only exist in our heads.” We have committed ourselves to surprise and delight our growing customer base in 85 countries on five continents with designs with a “wow!” Effect .

The Hexapod Explorer wooden kit consists of 388 individual parts and has a strong metal spring as a drive for the robot's walking movement and rubber band foot pads for better grip on smooth surfaces. It is a medium difficulty DIY model and takes about 8 hours to assemble. The spring inside is wound with a key located on the underside. Thanks to its locking mechanism, you do not have to hold the key when opening to avoid losses - the potential energy is stored with every turn, without losses, until the spring is fully tensioned. The Hexapod Explorer can move on uneven surfaces and even overcome obstacles of 1-2 cm. Crank the model, place it on the surface and select the desired speed using the speed control on the head of the hexapod. Then unlock the “Walk” switch on the back so that the model starts moving. You can change the speed at any time, both midway and on the next lap.

Item no .: 70158

Number of components: 388

Setup time: 8 hours

Model size: 27 x 22 x 9.5 cm

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