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Set high goals with the exciting and unusual model from Ugears, the aircraft starter, a portable hand catapult full of intelligent mechanics and lots of fun.

The aircraft starter is a mechanical starting aid for light flying model aircraft. Three of these planes are included in the kit. The model's unique design, a work of pure imagination, is reminiscent of something from outer space - a spaceship, a space shuttle or a blaster gun from a science fiction adventure film. This sci-fi design was implemented in Ugears' skeleton steampunk style, which allows you to see inside the operating mechanism that you will assemble with your own hands.

The aircraft starter is equipped with a rubber motor that provides the voltage required to propel your aircraft after approval. The mechanism has a safety lock. The tension and thus the distance your aircraft travels is controlled by a crank. The range of your new cool bullet model can reach more than 30 meters depending on the "firing pin" used and the tension with which the crank was turned. With a special bracket, the crank is part of the platform from which you want to start your aircraft.

The premium plywood and ergonomic design ensure that the starter is in your hand so you can aim precisely.

The kit also includes a glider and two paper planes, which you can fly with the aircraft starter together with the aircraft you have designed yourself. Depending on how you set the angles of the wings and other elements of an airplane before it takes off into the sky, you can have it perform loops, barrel rolls, upward travel curves and other fun maneuvers.

If you want to build your own airplane, the Ugears designers recommend using the lightest possible material: paper, cardboard, balsa wood, etc. The kit contains 198 parts and contains everything you need for assembly. You work with natural material that is easy to grip and feels pleasant. Like all Ugears models, the aircraft starter is delivered with a color-coded, easy-to-understand step-by-step guide in 11 languages ??(English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Korean). No glue or special tools are required to assemble the functioning mechanical starter. The pre-cut parts are made of first-class and sustainably grown wood and can be put together like a puzzle.

Ugears wishes you cloudless sky and tail wind! Give your imagination wings with the aircraft starter from Ugears!

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