Compact Racer UGEARS

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Compact Racer

Assemble me. Turn any tabletop into a race circuit!


Set young hearts and minds racing with the Ugears Compact Racer, an "Easy"-rated DIY race car model patterned after high performance race cars from the international circuit. Even the youngest racing enthusiasts will enjoy building and playing with this simple wooden toy race car. With the Ugears Compact Racer your child can turn any tabletop into a race circuit by setting up building blocks or other toys as obstacles, or using a piece of string or twine to set up a winding race course. Your child's stuffed animals, dolls or figurines can serve as spectators, cheering on the Mini Racer as it completes the circuit!  

The Compact Racer has sleek aerodynamic styling, including front and rear wings, to give it the realistic appearance of a top performance racer. The single-seat, open-air cockpit and open wheel design tell you this is the fastest of the fast. Ugears' Compact Racer is able to roll or coast when you push it along a flat surface, and has grippy, rubberized tires for cornering. Its compact size means you can throw it in a jacket pocket for racing adventures at a friend's house or on the playground.

One of the great things about Ugears models is they can be built without glue or special tools. Everything you need for assembly comes right in the box. Just punch the laser pre-cut pieces out of their composite wood boards and snap them together. Made from art-quality composite wood, Ugears models can be left in their attractive natural wood state, or colored, stained or painted in a color scheme of your choosing (paints not included).

The DIY Compact Racer is a great starter model for any youngster who loves cars and dreams of being behind the wheel in a high performance race car, speeding around a race course. Ugears models provide an introduction to the larger fascinating world of Ugears 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits. As your child learns to build these delightful toys they will be building mechanical competence and engaging in imaginative play. Unleash your child's inner engineer and inner artist by giving them a Compact Racer on their next birthday or holiday!

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