245 PCS HC WWII /2251/ 1937 MERCEDES 230

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At the International Automobile and Motorcycle Exhibition in February 1937, the Type 230 was presented in a model-revised form. This was recognisable at first glance by the changed radiator face. The headlights had a slightly smaller diameter and more curved housings, which were now attached to cast feet directly in the wing. This did away with the chrome-plated crossbar in front of the radiator, which was quite popular with many customers. The 6/7-seater model variants had also received redesigned bodies that were more spacious and appeared more prestigious. There were also a number of technical changes. On all models, the track width had been increased on the front and rear axles. The fuel tank had a volume of 50 instead of 45 l and was no longer located in the engine compartment but in the rear of the vehicle.

At the IAMA in Berlin, the 2.3-litre model was also presented in the version with a normal wheelbase. Production of the corresponding 2-litre version had already ended in December 1936. This time they were more consistent and renamed the car at the same time. The Type 200 (W 21) became the 230 N (W 143). The "N" for "normal wheelbase" was necessary to distinguish between the two, since the Type 230, which was initially only available with a long wheelbase, did not have the addition "on a long chassis". This fact reflects a shift in customer interest at the time, which increasingly favoured the long-wheelbase version. This thus gradually developed into the normal version. The presentation of the new 6/7-seater bodies reinforced this trend.


-248 building blocks
-Made in EU
-1 figure included
-Compatible with other leading brands of building blocks.
-Dimension: 15.5 x 5.5 cm
-Ages 8 and up
-Scale 1:35

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